SummerFields Texture Pack (1.7.2/1.6.4)

SummerFields Texture Pack genuinely improves the appearance of Minecraft without going overboard into the now cliched ‘RPG’ ‘Simple’ or ‘Realistic’ styles that are so ubiquitous these days. Summerfields has its very own unique sense of the game and is sure to be enjoyed by most players. I think you must install this SummerFields Texture Pack and feel the fantasy, hope you enjoy playing this texture pack.


SummerFields Texture Pack (2) SummerFields Texture Pack (3) SummerFields Texture Pack (1)

Download Link:

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[32x] Download SummerFields Texture Pack

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[32x] Download SummerFields Texture Pack

For Minecraft 1.4

[32x] Download SummerFields Texture Pack

Credits: lithiumsound

  • Download MCPatcher.
  • Run the mcpatcher.jar file and proceed to click “patch.”
  • Open .minecraft folder.
  • Open texturepacks folder.
  • Copy and milf porn Paste your downloaded Texture Pack here without extracting!
  • Enable the texture pack.
  • Done!

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