SkyBlock Map Minecraft (1.7.2/1.6.4)

SkyBlock is one of the most challenging survival maps for minecraft, because you start with only five items in the chest and you will have to do a lot of various things in order to expand your land… well first of all its not yet a land at first its basically just a 3 block flying source in which you will have to use the lava and the water in the chest to expand it! Soon when your skyblock is big enough you can start your resource farming and survive! Soon you will be able to build a forest then later a fortress and longer a nation, and even longer at last your own world! but again all of these starts just with a single surviving sky block. This survival map will be fun ONLY! if you don’t use those harmful cheats (not just harmful… just don’t use anything that is considered “cheats”).


Download Link:

Download SkyBlock Map

Download SkyBlock Map [Hardcore]

Credits: Noobcrew

  • Download SkyBlock Map.
  • Open .minecraft folder.
  • Put the downloaded map into “saves” folder
  • Done!

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  3. Rainwater179

    To fix the spawning in void problem you just open a LAN with cheats on and to /spawnpoint where you want to spawn.

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