Mine-imator Tool Minecraft (1.7.2/1.6.4)

Yay! This is great minecraft tool, Mine-imator is easy to use animation studio. You can simple import minecraft mobs, blocks and schematic files and later animate them using key-frames. After you have finished your animation movie you can simply export it as .avi file and then upload it to youtube and get views & subscribers! Good Luck guys!



Download Link:

Download Mine-imator Tool for Minecraft

Credits: Davve

  • Extract the “Mine-imator.zip” folder somewhere, like your desktop.
  • Open it and click “Mine-imator.exe”.
  • Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Mine-imator Tool Minecraft (1.7.2/1.6.4)

  1. Minecraft Youtuber + best hack

    I liked this I will get so much subs and watch jaren Edwards that’s my challs name and btw there are two jaren Edwards pick the one on top of the bottom jaren Edwards my profile picture is me on roblox with a nyan cat behind me

  2. NinjujuBabe

    Im on youtube and my intro is outdated, so I would like to see horses in this tool… I love it and Hope it updates!


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