Forge Modloader FML Mod Minecraft (1.7.2/1.6.4)

Forge Modloader FML is most used in minecraft servers. Firstly, it was a Mod Loading System for minecraft servers, later it was upgraded and now it is available for bukkit server and now this mod is also available for clients. The Forge Modloader FML can now be used without Minecraft Forge both on the client and server side with full modloading capability. It is fully compatible with all modloader based mods.


This must be the best mod loading system / modloader ever! If you need some more info, check the readme text file located in mod’s .zip archive file. It will definitely help you!

Download Link:

Download Forge Modloader FML for Minecraft

Credits: cpw

  • Download the Forge Modloader FML Mod.
  • Extract the mod file anywhere.
  • Go to Start Menu, open “run” type in %appdata% and search for .minecraft folder.
  • Now find bin folder (.minecraft/bin).
  • Open the minecraft.jar using winrar or 7-zip.
  • For servers: move the contents of downloaded mod file into the minecraft_server.jar.
  • For clients: move the contents of downloaded mod file into the minecraft.jar.
  • Remember to Delete META-INF.
  • Done!

132 thoughts on “Forge Modloader FML Mod Minecraft (1.7.2/1.6.4)

    • outanmax

      go to that link and then just download the build for your minecraft version. I would recommend you to download universal build :)

  1. Dave

    I actually know how to install FML, but this time, there’s no longer a folder for texturepacks (in the main menue of minecraft)
    Any ideas?

    • outanmax

      Hmmm, I don’t know. But if you want to install textures than you can open texturepacks folder by typing (in start) “%appdata%” and open minecraft folder.

    • Serenity8525

      The texturepacks button in the menu is Not FML. it is Optifine. Optifine lets you tweak your settings and in turn inceases your FPS. It also adds the ability to change texxturepacks from the menu which is why you no longer have the texturepack button.. easy fix though download the optifine mod.

    • outanmax

      First, watch video. :) Ok. So, what client version are you using? If you you’re using 1.4.7 download the build which says “for MC: 1.4.7”. If you you’re using 1.5 download the build which says “for MC: 1.5”. That’s pretty simple.

  2. Guest

    I did everything right. The FML did it’s normal start up. Now I am getting a black screen on minecraft start-up after it says Mojang

    • outanmax

      In the video I installed FML for Minecraft 1.4.7, but if you want to install it for Minecraft 1.5 you need to download FML for MC 1.5 not for MC 1.4.7!

  3. Gold3nMan

    I get a black screen as well. I am on 1.5 and got the lastest universal for 1.5, no go.

  4. Sierraleone

    Why ist there no longer a paulscode folder in the newer versions?
    Could that be a reason for all the rouble?

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  6. GREG

    Why is it when i downloaded the univeral 1.5.1 it comes with Meta-Inf and when i delete it and run minecraft the screen turns black. (I’ve redownload FML 7 times)

    • Serenity8525

      When you get a Universal Mod it means that it can be used in SSP and SMP.. so you could use it on a server. For Mods to work on the client you MUST delete the Meta-INF Folder! However you NEVER delete the Meta-INF when Modding a Server. Therefore when you get a Universal Mod of any kind it will come with the Meta-INF files for it to work server side.

  7. golxy _

    im on a mac and it only says that there are two mods downloaded , there should be three, and when i try to download inventory tweaks it says there an error.

  8. David Clark

    Here is why you all may get a black screen.
    Don’t Delete Forges META INF.
    There are files that are in there for FML to work.
    Only Delete the Old Meta INF.
    If this is not true for the newer version then I am sorry. Try something like that and mess around with it.
    You will get it to work eventually. :)

    • Rafael Poveda Lizan

      No, all FML of 151 that I find don’t work. I do all the cominations possibles but the FML don’t work!!

  9. Zaxman22

    When i do EVERYTHING that is in the video and on this page, it loads minecraft, and the i get an error message saying bad video card drivers. Any help?

      • Zaxman22

        I have the latest installation for my system (Windows XP) and i have re-installed, twice. Still same error message. I don’t think it’s my graphics either, because it works perfectly without Forge and also works perfect with ModLoader. I just wanted to compare the two mod loaders and see which is better. Any more idea’s?

  10. Sam Bennett

    Okay, there are a lot of “this doesn’t work” posts with not a lot of specifics in them, so here’s my problem. FML is supposed to be compatible with Modloader but isn’t.

    Start with fresh mineloader.jar, install Modloader, add mods, specifically, things like armor_stand, recipe_book and shelf_mod (can’t live without this one). Run Minecraft and everything works just fine.
    Next, make a fresh copy of minecraft.jar, install FML(only), run (to generate files, directories, etc.) Minecraft starts up fine. Add the afore mentioned mods and Minecraft freezes at the Mojang splash screen. No crash or log files or I would add them. It simply freezes. Somewhere FML is not playing nice with Modloader mods. All the files are the latest v1.5.1 compatible versions.
    So, any ideas as to how to fix this little problem?

  11. princ3ssblonde

    Its not working for me >.< I installed minecraft forge and it doesnt come up with validating minecraft thingy :( plus when it was working before it came up with ' validating minecraft and it didnt even go up to 100% it was stuck on 0% then when it just stayed on zero the screen went black :( im such a amateur at installing these mods :'(

  12. Victoria

    I cannot get this to work for the life of me. I keep getting the error message “FML appears to be missing any signature data. This is not a good thing.” and I have no clue what to do. I’ve force-updated like eight times, installed just FML, FML and one of my mods (SinglePlayerCommands), both of them (GemsPlus), nothing works. And yes, I deleted META-INF, and I still get freezing or a black screen. The problems started when I updated to 1.5.1 (all my mods are updated). Help!!

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  14. Husky

    I downloaded this and i didn’t delete META-INF first


    Then i downloaded agan and deleted META-INF


    Help me!!!

  15. charles

    I did what it told me to do (I installed these things before) but when I open minecraft and login, it gets stuck on the loading screen. it says “done loading” and just stays there. I have a fresh minecraft jar.


    Ok, so i downloaded modloader and other mods that come with modloader. I suspect this isn’t working because of modloader. BUT THEN I DONT WANNA DELETE ALL MY MODS AND MODLOADER! :'( oh, and another quick question. Do I need FML for minecraft comes alive mod? 😛


    • team ender

      After Your minecraft freezes you have to close minecraft. It will lag when you try to close it but it will close so dont worry just be patient. then after you close minecraft log in and then you should be able to play minecraft normally and updated so it doesn’t cancel the update. :) :) :) but when my mom got me forge
      my minecraft crashed 10 secs after i logged in. please help! 😀 i want better mods (they require forge). By the way my current minecraft version is the all new 1.5.2!!!!!! yaaaay. but now i cant get in some severs. :( just please help me! the better mods require forge! i want them please help. 😀 😀 :D. if you help then show me your youtube videos and i will like them all! huge happy face for you :D. thanks if you are gonna help. 😀

  17. Vlad B

    Worked! Delete the “bin” folder and start MC – it will auto-retrieve a clean minecraft.jar from the internet upon loading. Exit MC, backup the freshly created bin (just in case). And then proceed as instructed in the above article. I deleted the META-INF folder AFTER copy-and-replacing the contents (as instructed).

  18. Carol

    I tried to do that, but when I was half way through opening up my minecraft.jar it said “a java exception has occurred”. I updated my java but it didn’t work. Solutions?

  19. Alex Henry

    I have download forge the right way and i put in the mods i have placed the mods in the “mods” folder and gotten this crap, Forge ModLoader has had a problem with the mods installed, The mods are listed below, Forge: any.

  20. me

    i am trying to install portal gun mod but when i try to start minecraft it says minimum version required is help

  21. ???

    i download fml do what diid have to do and start minecraft fml start and i’t just don’t load it

  22. Daniel Carver

    need help the fml works but when i put a mod in the mod folder i get a black screen.

  23. adam

    so i updated to 1.5.2 and now i cant join uberminecraft or survival games what do i do ):

  24. team ender

    Last Time i got forge was when minecraft was still in 1.4.7 but now its 1.5.2 so does forge work now?

  25. Shinyswordstorm

    When 1.5.2 came out forge wasn’t even loading and instead it was only going to vanilla minecraft. After I downloaded it again no matter what mod I put in the mods folder, I get a black screen right after the “mojang” screen. HELP

  26. Eric Glaze

    Okay guys listen to me, if you’re having problems DELETE THE MODS FOLDER. What is probably happening is that your old mods are still there, but your minecraft and forge have outdated them. Redo all your mods for the -current- version.

  27. Mcraftman00

    It loads, goes to mojang, then freezes with a black screen! Am I doing somthing wrong? Or is it forge mod loader? PLEASE HELP ME

  28. joe shmoe

    I downloaded and installed the more explosives mod, but when I logged in to minecraft and the fml thing popped up it just stayed at 0% and doesn’t load at all. What should I do???

    • nick

      Same issue, and whenever i ask people just assume it’s a black or frozen screen or crash when it isn’t. What I did was i got a fresh bin folder and didn’t install it so i could still play, and when someone answered my question i re-install and retry

  29. nick

    I did everything, even deleted mojangs meta-inf and kept the forge one and when i start minecraft the fml is loading environment thing stays at 0%, even tried for 6 hours…. a lot of spare time and still stuck at 0%…. I did everything in this video with the newest version of forge and minecraft. And i have not added anything else to my minecraft jar file or anything else. 100% mod free. This just won’t load.

  30. Sam

    I just downloaded forge to my single player world, tested a few mods and it worked fine. I then downloaded forge to my server to get them on my private server, but now when i open my server, my minecraft gets through all of the forge loading and stuff, but gets stuck on the mojang screen and is “not responsive.” But if i try and open my minecraft first, the server will stop loading and freeze when it says how to open the server with more ram. Is this a problem with my computer, or is forge doing something weird to my computer? (I have been using servers for a long time now, and i do know how they work, but this is the first time this happened, and the only change is forge)

  31. ddddd

    So when I copy over the fml files. Am I placing the fml folder in the jar? Or the contents of that folder? Is it going in the the root of the jar? I’ve done all of these ways and servers still tell me fml is not installed.

  32. John4064

    i add it but it just says done loading but it never loads i deleted the meta inf folder HELP

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  34. Jtm9001

    Ok so I download it, delete the old Meta-inf and it either gives me a black screen or tells me that a java exeption has occured. Could someone help?

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  37. licadopepoop

    is forge modloader for foge mods and modloader mods so u dont have to download both forge and modlaoder

  38. licadopepoop

    guys u have to delete meta-inf before u drag the FML in minecraft.jar then after that dont delete the other meta-inf

  39. lol-.-

    I cant cet FML working. Minecraft keeps doing blackscreen and im installing it exactly like my friend did and it works for him

  40. Razorskills

    The new minecraft client does not create a bin folder anymore, they now have everything in .minecraft/versions. I am confused now because every tutorial on how to install FML with 1.5.2 says you have to go to bin folder and do some stuff to the .jar file. So now with the new location, I do that there and it does not work the same as how mojang used to have the files set up. I do no think it is possible atm to use the origianl 1.5.2 mod loader anymore. I think it needs to have a actual fml installer for 1.5.2 like it does for 1.6.2.

    If someone can download a brand new fresh copy, and try get fml working for 1.5.2 and tell me how. This would make my day so much. Everyone that asked about no bin folder, they either say, redownload it. but they dont install the files the same anymore. so that wont fix. and nobody has put up a solution yet..

  41. guest

    I try to delete the META-INF in my minecraft server.jar and it says the archive is corrupt.
    when i try to install forge FIRST and then delete meta inf it says the same thing. HELP ME!!!

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