Extended Workbench Mod Minecraft (1.7.2/1.6.4)/1.5.1

Extended Workbench Mod adds a new and improved bench, through which you can craft an enhanced tools and armor which are many times better than normal ones. All this enhanced tools can be crafted by using two times more resources!

extended-workbench-1 extended-workbench-2

To get an extended workbench, just place two normal workbenches next to each other.




An extended tool (not hoe):

  • mines block 100% faster
  • does 50% more damage when using as weapen
  • has 100% more uses

An extended hoe:

  • has 100% more uses
  • creates farmland that takes longer to turn back into dirt

An extended sword:

  • does 100% more damage
  • has 50% more uses
  • mines blocks 50% faster


An extended piece of armor:

  • absorbes more damage (hard to tell how much, Forge does 200 lines of calculations)
  • lasts 50% longer

Even though some of these recipes fit in a 3×3 grid, they require an extended workbench.

Changelog (v1.1.10):

  • Compatiblity with MC 1.6.2
  • Temporary removed NEI recipe + usage handler

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