Dodgeball Minecraft Map

Minecraft Dodgeball. Its finally here! That’s right, the Minecraft Dodgeball minigame. MrJohnson5 have been working on is finally completed. Now remember, this is Multiplayer only. He will release a Singleplayer Version later.


Dodgeball in Minecraft! (1) Dodgeball in Minecraft! (2) Dodgeball in Minecraft! (3) Dodgeball in Minecraft! (4) Dodgeball in Minecraft! (5)


  • You must have a team of at least 3.
  • A maximum of 8 People can be in a team at once.
  • If there is already 8 people in a team you will not receive any items.
  • If you somehow spawn outside the map at any stage, use creative to find your way back.


  • To play the Minecraft Dodgeball Minigame,
  • When you first spawn you must wait untill everyone who you are playing with is on the server.
  • Then step on the gold pressure plate to start the map.
  • Choose your team, Red or Blue?
  • And you will be given Dodgeballs (AKA Bows and Arrows)
  • Hitting someone with a Dodgeball will Automatically get them out. (In this case it kills them)
  • They will be able to see everything what is going on in a little spectate booth.
  • An average Dodgeball Round is VERY INTENSE!
  • An Average Dodgeball round usually lasts only a few minutes. In some cases, with more skilled players, it can last much, much longer.
Download Link:

Download Dodgeball Minecraft Map

Credits: MrJohnson5

  • Download the Map.
  • Open .minecraft folder. (%appdata%/.minecraft)
  • Put the downloaded map into “saves” folder.
  • You’re Done!