Animal Bikes Mod Minecraft (1.7.2/1.6.4)

Animal bikes is a mod for people who likes riding … The mod allows you to ride animals! It adds dragon bike, Ender Dragon Bike, Chinese Dragon Bike, Iron Golem, Reindeer Bike and a lot of other animal bikes! Full list below!


  • Ender Dragon Bike
  • Chinese Dragon Bike
  • Iron Golem
  • Reindeer Bike
  • SnowGolem Bike
  • Notch Bike
  • Cow Bike
  • Ender Bike
  • Pig Bike
  • Sheep Bike
  • Spider Bike
  • Chicken Bike
  • Squid Bike
  • Wolf Bike
  • Creeper Bike
  • Pony Bike
  • Ghast Bike
  • Dino Bike
  • Bunny Bike
  • Chocobo Bike
  • Silverfish Bike
  • Bat Bike



Animal-Bikes-Mod-2 Animal-Bikes-Mod-3 Animal-Bikes-Mod-4 Animal-Bikes-Mod-5 Animal-Bikes-Mod-6

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